What is the Internet?

The Internet was conceived in the 1960s as a tool to link university and government research centers via a nationwide network that would allow a wide variety of computers to exchange information and share resources.

What eventually grew out of this endeavor is a miraculous low-cost technology that is swiftly and dramatically changing the world. It is available to people at home, in schools and universities, and in public libraries.

The Internet is not owned or controlled by any company, corporation, or nation. It connects people in 65 countries instantaneously through computers, fiber optics, satellites, and phone lines.

It helps people keep up to date on world events, find a restaurant in Oregon or a cheap flight to Paris, play games, and discuss everything from apples to zoology.

The Internet is a great resource but care must be taken when using it as there are a lot of dangerous places that are not appropriate for children. If you see anything that you know is not appropriate or scares you, let an adult know right away.